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We want to help your business GROW.

Your life will be easier and your business more profitable when you hire a bookkeeper….here’s why!

You’ll have more time

…to focus on sales, marketing and customer retention, thus increasing your new and recurring income!

You’ll have peace of mind

…knowing that you can call us with any question, comment or concern that affects your business or personal situation and we’ll be there to help!

You’ll be able to plan

…whether it’s for taxes or for other life investments, you’ll always know where you stand with monthly financials and tax planning experts at your fingertips!

About Us

Bookkeeping services you can count on

Buzz Bookkeeping is a virtual bookkeeping company that offers a wide range of services to businesses nationwide. Our team of experienced professionals will provide the bookkeeping expertise that your company needs! Contact us today to receive a free quote.

Virtual Bookkeeping Services

We offer the following services:

  • Quickbooks Online Support
  • Payroll and Sales Tax Filing
  • Financial Reporting
  •  Small Business Training
  • Strategy Sessions
  • Personal Financial Management

What other benefits do you get?

In addition to more time, peace of mind and the ability to plan your financial life, here are some other great benefits…

Privacy and confidentiality:

Privacy and confidentiality are of utmost concern for professionals in the financial world. We know how to keep your information safe but an internal employee may not have the same high ethical standards. Or you may not want your staff to have access to all of your financial information.

Lower Payroll Costs:

Having an outsourced financial team lowers your payroll costs significantly because you won’t have to hire for these positions thus avoiding wages, payroll taxes and other fringe benefit costs.

Red Carpet Service:

At tax time, those that are organized and ready to roll, get the red carpet treatment…while small businesses that are disorganized and unprepared get put on extension.

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